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Music Sharing Policy - Josh Woodward

Ein Tipp für alle, die Videos vertonen wollen und auf der Suche nach kostenloser Musik sind. Die Musik von Josh Woodward. Steht unter cc-Lizenz und es reicht ein Hinweis im Video auf den Urheber. Ansonsten kann die Musik auch kommerziell eingesetzt werden!

Zur Videovertonung ist vor allem die Sammlung "the wake" geeignet, eine wunderschöne Songsammlung, die es auch instrumental gibt:

Zitat aus der Homepage:

 Yes, you can freely download, share and use all 180+ of my songs. [More Information]

Dies führt zu folgender Webseite:

Want to use and abuse my tunes?

Go nuts! You're welcome to use my music, free of charge for your projects. This includes movies, ads, podcasts, YouTube videos (for partners or otherwise), karaoke, recording techno/polka covers, anything. There's no problem using them for commercial purposes, and it's all 100% podsafe. You can use them as is - instrumental or regular, or you can hack them apart to use in your songs or projects.

What's the catch? Just one: you need to provide attribution. Somewhere, visible to anyone who will see your work, mention my name and the song title in the credits, along with a link to my website URL. An example:
Music: "Some Awesome Song" by Josh Woodward -
Some guidelines for specific uses:
  • For YouTube videos, please list the attribution in the info box below the video.
  • For movies, TV shows and other films with ending credits, the attribution should be clearly readable at a normal speed in the credits without the need to pause.
  • For radio ads, you'll probably need a license unless you want to spend time attributing the music at the end of the ad.
  • For TV ads, again, you'll probably want to get a license. Clearly readable on-screen attribution is fine if you can get away with it.
  • For in-store or on-hold music, you'll need a license unless you clearly announce the attribution at the end of each song used.
  • For website background music, the attribution should be by the play/pause/etc controls, or somewhere else which makes sense in your design.
  • For video game music, it can either be in the starting credits or the game itself as the music plays. The key is that it must show every session where the music is used (ie, not in the closing credits).
  • For recorded cover songs, remixes or other derivative works, just make sure the attribution is listed anywhere the song is used. I don't require ShareAlike, but you'll want to make sure anyone who uses your work knows that my attribution is required for any derivation of your work.
  • For concerts or other live performances, you can either provide attribution in the program, or just by announcing it before the song.

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