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spotzi.com mapbuilder - Build your own map

Eine weitere Möglichkeit, kostenlos Landkarten und Grafiken zu erstellen: spotzi.com

Build your own map

Interessant für Autoren, Dozenten, Blogger und solche, die Präsentationen halten müssen.
Die erstellten Webseiten kann man in Webseiten einbetten

spotzi.com ist eine holländische Seite.

Pressemitteilung vom 30.11.2011

BERGEN OP ZOOM, The Netherlands, November 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

D-Base is pleased to introduce Spotzi, the first free online world atlas, which provides information on more than 500 themes via maps. With Spotzi, the user can explore different aspects of the world in one place. "Spotzi stands for spot and zoom in. The user can explore the world in about any theme, he just finds a spot and zooms in to find the information he's interested in," says Remco Dolman, CEO at D-Base, the company behind Spotzi.

See: http://www.spotzi.com

With the motto 'a map tells you more than a thousand words', each theme at Spotzi has its own map. The 500 maps are structured within 9 main themes and can easily be found, as there are only two levels below each main theme. Once the user has selected a theme and the map is displayed, he can zoom in on the country or area he's interested in. Information about hurricanes, earthquake hazards, central government debts and twitter users are examples of the maps that are available. The information is collected from thousands of datasets and is updated daily. So when there is a new hurricane, the user can find it on the map at Spotzi.

Spotzi is unique in that it combines all information that is available from governments and research institutions and makes it available in one single spot. And not in excel sheets, but in a single map. The maps are available with street, satellite or terrain view.

Spotzi is available for any user on the internet, at http://www.spotzi.com, and as an iPhone, iPad and Android app. Spotzi is also a useful resource for high schools and universities. "We think the iPad will be an important tool in education. Spotzi can play a role in this," says Dolman. The online world atlas will be a constantly growing source of information, as new themes are added frequently. Users can also contribute to this, as they can propose themes to Spotz
In January 2012, a premium version of Spotzi will be available for companies, which will be a useful resource for various marketing purposes, providing for example analyses of brands.

Aus der Webseite von Spotzi.com

Free Maps

 Mar - 11 - 2013
It’s impossible to imagine a life today without online free maps. Information on a map is more structured. By for instance putting all your hotels on a map, visitors can see at a single glance all the available hotel rooms and prices. It beats showing long lists in tables.

Thematic maps
Many have already discovered the benefits of maps. But there is more to gain by adding extra themes to the map. What to think of showing interesting sites and metro lines near your hotel? This would really help potential guests. They may even choose a more expensive hotel and therefore increase your turnover!

Maps can benefit your own organization as well. They help you improve your product, create more added values to it and increase insights.

Create and share maps for free
With Spotzi you can now build your own maps and share them with the Spotzi Map Builder. Free maps. Simply select one of the 1,000 interesting thematic maps already available and benefit from this unique service. Don’t bother about endless data conversions, map creating and server management. We have saved you years of work!

Simply start up the Map Builder (on mapbuilder.spotzi.com). Select one of our free maps. Add your own location. Share the map as link or embed it as a frame.

The first 750,000 maps per month are free. Want to use the maps for internal purposes or expect to generate more maps? Check out our reasonably priced premium map services. Sharing your map as a link is unlimited.
Why wait? Start building and sharing your maps today and go to mapbuilder.spotzi.com

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