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Diskussion um Einstellung von Picasa zugunsten google-photos

Eine interessante Diskussion auf google-photo-productforum vom 8.12.15 bis heute. Natürlich findet man ähnliche Diskussionen in anderen Foren. Aber hier sind einige Forumsbeiträge, die uns weiterhelfen.

Die offiziell "beste Antwort" war vom Februar:

Hi Snits:
Why replace Picasa at all in the short term? It is still a good photo organizer and since it runs on your PC and manages photos on your PC, Google can't make the present version stop working.
I am a Picasa TC and I and many other users will be continuing to use Picasa 3 until there is an equal or better program.
Google may be dropping support for Picasa, but that isn't going to cause anything to happen to your photos or the ability to use Picasa 3 with them.
Picasa is installed on and lives on your PC and works with your photos on that PC hard disk. There is nothing Google can do about that. They haven't been giving Picasa more than token support for years now and it still is the best free solution to managing the photos on your PC.
Google can stop hosting the download site where you download the installer though so it would be a good idea to have a couple of copies of the Picasa installation file Picasa39-setup.exe squirreled away so you can install it if you need to re-install Windows or get a new PC.
Here is the Picasa FAQ site:
We maintain this site to help users with problems, and have lots of info on using Picasa.

Ansonsten: auch die Forumsmoderatoren ind genervt, und empfehlen den Leuten die Feedbacks direkt an google zu senden, z.b. hier eine Moderatorantwort vom Dezember

Thanks for posting to the Google Photos Help Forum. I think you make some great points here! I agree that Google Photos would definitely benefit from incorporating some of these features in the future, so I suggest leaving in-product feedback for the development team by following these steps:
Open the Google Photos app on a mobile device or go to using a computer .

  1. At the top left, touch or click the menu icon > Help & Feedback.
  2. Touch or click Feedback.
Interessant ist ein Beitrag über die geschichtliche Entwicklung von Picasa:

Stepping back for a minute. If you google "Picasa" you will see it is some PC software Google purchased back around 2002. They then integrated it into Picasaweb (web based). Then it got supplanted a bit by Google +, which was Google's attempt to compete with Facebook. Partly, they figured that if they could offer a better photos solution they might be able to compete.

Probably 12 to 18 months ago they realized they had lost that battle and decided to make Photos a relatively standalone product.

And they realized that the number of smartphone users was 10, 100, 1000 ... times the number of desktop PC users.

(and probably Picasa is based on outmoded software tools that Google is not willing to support anymore). At same time there is a programming API for Picasa that developers have used over the years. There are products and web sites based on it. Google could kill it but that would lead to a storm of s*** headed towards them

So we wound up with Photos where you can create collections on your phone but not on your PC. And many other anomalies you've mentioned.

Could Google solve this? Sure, but I doubt it will be in the direction of resurrecting Picasa. What I hope for is that they would use Picasa as the basis for a list of functional specifications they will use for a new desktop product.

Some of the key Google developers come from an Adobe background. They could use Lightroom (which has eerie similarities to Picasa) with a "plug-in" (officially supported) for Google photos. Even follow the Adobe model and charge a small subscription fee.

Ansonsten ist man sich bis in die jüngste Zeit hinein einig, dass google-photo-uploader (backup-tool) bei weitem nicht an picasa heranreicht. Ein Eintrag von Ende März
So I decided to give the new Google Photos backup tool a go as an
alternative to syncing with Picasa, with the view that if Picasa for
desktop is not going to be supported or developed, I could use any other
photo editing tool instead. No drama. However, since trying this, I
have found that it has uploaded absolutely everything in a really dumb
way meaning that many of my photos are now duplicated which is causing
me real trouble managing them. Here's a list of the problems:

- Duplicate copies of  photos on Google Photos (mainly albums)
- No ability to sort albums by shooting date
No ability to synchronise local copies of albums meaning when offline,
although I have all my photos, they are not in libraries
- Poor editing tools, but I can live with that

think I will continue using Picasa for desktop for the moment until the
Google Photos product becomes a mature offering. Anyone know how to get
rid of the duplicates automatically, or is it going to be a manual

 Ein anderer, 4.4.2016

Incredibly stupid to ditch Picasa. I have many older clients who love
it and hate the new system. Picasa is a great brand and should be
improved not eliminated.
Just evil to frustrate so many loyal users.
 Die für mich persönlich beste Antwort aber stammt vom 4.1.2016:

Just keep on using Picasa
Just make sure you upload as 'orignal'
Then you can use the new button on Google Setting/Recover Storage to compress to the new 16mp jpegs and free storage

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